Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kaffeine - Bean There Done That

Kaffeine, the espresso bar on Division street, reopened last Saturday with new owners. Closed since December, they opened just in time for warm weather ice coffees and sweet treats.  The name is the same but, the change is obvious. The new menu is more than just cupcakes. It includes croissants, scones and bagels with hearty portions of bacon and eggs. There is not much improvement from the previous decor of simple tables and chairs. I anticipate that they will be adding a few personal touches in the forthcoming weeks.

The owners, New Rochelle fixtures who own El Greco Pizza & Gyro -strategically located around the corner on Memorial Highway; believe in the idea of small business and community building. They recently sold Brickyard Bistro, which reopened as a sports bar last month. Feeling the void that their beloved coffee shop left when it closed, they felt compelled to reopen it and service the fatigued and sleep deprived market with a jolt of java. Hopefully this time it kicks in.

                          Find them on Facebook @ Kaffeine New Rochelle

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