Friday, July 27, 2012

Joy Moyler - Interior Design Diva (Who's Who in New Ro)
New Rochelle has an abundance of talented people who seem to move about the community with the anonymity of Peter Parker. These incredibly talented individuals continue to call New Rochelle home because you can have it all in this CityBurb!

A trip to Spain at the tender age of 14 was a life changing journey for Joy Moyler.  She found what most of us spend our lives searching for- her calling!  The vivid colors, textures and smells of Madrid and Barcelona enveloped her and awakened the dormant thirst for her studies in Architecture.  After receiving her B.S. in Architectural Design she ventured out and created an enviable resume. Her 25 year career has included such esteemed titles as the former head of the Interior Design Studio at Giorgio Armani, Design Project Manager for Polo Ralph Lauren and residential design for the homes of Leonardo DiCaprio, David Geffen and John Mayer. Her Haute Zone blog is the foremost source of what's classically cool and serves as a handbook for the curio cabinet coveter and Rent-A-Center inclined.

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