Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Downtown Digs - New Rochelle vs. Willilamsburg Apt.'s

 175 Huguenot Street  Trump Plaza (above)  This 1200sq ft 2 bed 2& 1/2 bathroom apartment is in the Luxurious Trump Plaza in downtown New Rochelle. $438K

 You don't have to be a quantitative analyst to calculate the delta between New Rochelle & Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In New Rochelle, 1200sq ft will run you a megar $438K in the desirable downtown area. While over in Williamsburg, a little over 1000sq ft will run you about a cool mill. Both communities have an abundance of galleries, restaurants, farmers markets, landmarks and artist lofts. However, New Rochelle is clearly under the radar, making it the best kept secret in New York.  Evenly matched with a 30 minute commute via public transportation, The Trump has more of what matters- amenities and space! Boasting a screening room that Woody Allen would envy as well as a billiards room and indoor parking; the Trump trumps them all.

58 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this 1082sqr ft.  2 bdrm 2 bathroom $989K

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